"It Still Takes A Village" 
The Village Family is
a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. 
We further our initiatives promoting education, nutrition, health, employment assistance, housing, low-income assistance, youth and elderly services, self-sufficiency and economic development.  
The Village Family Food Pantry (Food & clothing) will provide a food basket program to low-income and families in need.  
 The Village Family Closet: will provide clothing to low-income individuals and families in the community.

Village Family Resource Center programs to help families build strong parenting skills expands their vocational abilities and provides them with a positive community and cultural activities. Quarterly classes and workshops will be facilitated to teach how to keep and balance a checkbook, how to budget, and how to plan for purchasing cost-effective and nutritious groceries

Health programs & Awareness: Health fairs, workshops and seminars will be held to reach the community. It will educate and provide them with services such as blood work, mammograms, cancer screenings, and immunizations. Village Family will also educate about issues and concerns affecting the community. 

Youth Mentorship Programs: Family Village will also provide youth education, dance, art programs, a homework help program, youth summer jobs, and a leadership program. It is also home to the We are A Family leadership program, which serves youth between the ages of 8 and 13 and BFF (Best Friend Forever Mentorship) program.

Village of Autism Mentorship ProgramsWe are the home of the Village of Autism mentorship program.  Village of Autism host game night, social activities and awareness events  for Teens with Autism & related developmental disabilities Ages 14-22 years old.